The equipment is key in achieving a quality result

KLS Pureprint has built up an extensive complement of printing equipment capable of delivering the highest quality in all types of graphics products. Three full size printing machines from Heidelberg and KBA, the industry's reputable suppliers, make up the core of the production process.

Sustainable production

In connection with the development of PurePrint there was a need to replace all consumables and products that come into contact with the printed matter. Such items include anti-set-off spray powder and cleaning products. However, there was no need to replace the printing machines themselves.

Inhouse finishing

Once printing is completed, the printed matter is finished in an internal facility equipped with machines for cutting, perforating, embossing, folding, and stitching. The facility includes equipment for affixing address labels to or printing addresses on magazines and periodicals.

Production equipment

72 x 104 cm Koenig & Bauer

72 x 102 cm Heidelberg 8 colour with roller feeder

5 colour Heidelberg CD with water based varnish - 72 x 102 cm

Machines for cutting, perforating, and scoring

4 folding machines

1 stitchers with address print capability

Xerox 700 digital printing machine