The Danish Society for Nature Conservation

Lone Gudiksen Møller
Marketing Manager

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation works hard every day to help nature flourish and to achieve and maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Marketing Manager at the Danish Society for Nature Conservation Lone Gudiksen Møller explains: "In our organisation, we pay attention to opportunities for doing even more to benefit the environment." In the context of environmental protection we became aware that KLS PurePrint is one of only two printing companies in the world, to achieve a Cradle to Cradle certification. It is now possible - with assurance of being environmentally friendly - to publish biodegradable printed matter.

We are very excited that KLS PurePrint has taken on additional responsibilities for the environment and has developed new and more environmentally friendly inks, varnishes, glues and auxiliary materials that are free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals. When those printed items degrade, they enter fully into nature's own cycle without harming the nature and the environment. Furthermore, KLS PurePrint has made great efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions by using only renewable energy for all processes and its process waste water is so thoroughly purified that, in principle, you could drink it.

It has been important for us to test the products and the manufacturing process, because our credibility is a key foundation for our organisation." Lone Gudiksen Møller states: "We are very confident in KLS PurePrint and highly recommend the company and its products to those who desire a sustainable future."


Charlotte Brix Andersen
Communications Manager, WWF

"At WWF we have taken a step further in regards to our graphic materials. We have chosen to give as many jobs as possible to KLS PurePrint. It is important for us to walk the talk and demonstrate leadership in order to ensure a balanced environment and planet - that is what our work is all about, every day."


Svend Daverkosen
Environmental Manager, Aarstiderne

”We ecologists have always believed in and been fascinated by composting processes and all the other biological cycles in which all substances move perpetually through ecosystems to digest, be digested, reproduce and form new substances.

Along the way, we meet new entities striving to build momentum toward more sustainable methods and tools. Now we have found a new partner to join us in this effort and development. It is the KLS PurePrint® printing house. Its new sustainable printing method yields printed matter that can actually be eaten without ill effects, though we don't recommend that kind of diet.

After several years of development work, paper and ink have reached a level of environmental compatibility where they are biologically recyclable, leaving no harmful residues. Cradle to Cradle printed matter can be composted as is and used as a natural fertilizer. "Our newsletter and our special features will be printed Cradle to Cradle in the future.”

Mandag Morgen Business Journal

Morten Christensen
Chief Financial Officer, Mandag Morgen


”A 100% biodegradable product fits well with Mandag Morgen's green approach and with the sustainability projects we are implementing under the brand name Sustainia. We were concerned about the quality, but our apprehensions were quickly and thoroughly eliminated when we saw a test printout.”

Municipality of Hvidovre

Helle Adelborg
Mayor, Municipality of Hvidovre


”The municipality has had an environmental policy since 1997 in order to ensure sustainability and reduce day to day environmental stress.  In 2008, we were named a "climate focused municipality" by the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. That's an obligation, and that's why we are delighted to have partners with a similar focus on climate and environment. KLS PurePrint goes all the way - and we are proud to go along."

Copenhagen ZOO

Sami Widell
Event Manager

"The Zoo is environmentally certified because we believe it is important and necessary to protect the environment and limit climate change. Being environmentally certified means putting our money where our mouth is and working intently toward environmental and climate improvements. Environmentally focused management was introduced in 1999 and now encompasses everything from solar cells to sunflowers.

For the Zoo, it was a natural extension of our environmental policy to have KLS PurePrint do our printing as the company let us produce our printed matter sustainably with Cradle to Cradle certification.
We are proud of this opportunity and appreciate being able to act in the interest of nature to an even greater degree than in the past."