Three important themes at the People's Summit

21 June 2016

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation recommends KLS PurePrint

21 June 2016

Winner of tickets to the Roskilde Festival

21 June 2016

That's how sustainable the fashion conference was

21 June 2016

A sustainable festival

21 June 2016

5 ways to save energy in your organisation

21 June 2016

Den grønne dagsorden åbner døre

KLS PurePrint: The green agenda opens doors

8 June 2016

Support for the Humboldt penguin

1 June 2016

When the CSR strategy and the business strategy coincide

18 May 2016

Do your own printing on Cradle to Cradle copy paper

9 May 2016

New: 100 percent sustainable packaging

9 May 2016

Sustainia offers more than 3,500 sustainable solutions

9 May 2016

7 good reasons for companies to use electric company cars

9 May 2016

Northern Europe's greenest printing house is located in Hvidovre

26 April 2016

Cradle to Cradle makes off with the awards

13 April 2016

Contributions from KLS PurePrint at the CSR in Practice Conference

4 April 2016

The greenest (possibly) commercial printing house in the world is located in Denmark

29 March 2016

New sustainable methods make for a new name for KLS Graphic

15 March 2016

New name to signal that the printing house has reached 100% sustainability

15 March 2016

Synergy between sustainability and tough business goals

10 March 2016

The enterprise of the year in the Municipality of Hvidovre

13 January 2016

The green business model is a success!

11 October 2015

Edible printed matter

8 October 2015

New HTX brochure: Cradle2cradle certified and 100% biodegradable

8 September 2015

Cradle to Cradle certified and 100% biodegradable printed matter

23 July 2015

Biodegradable printed matter will be profitable

12 May 2015

Danish printing house attracts large customers via green standards

11 May 2015

Danish company earns the most stringent environmental certificate in the world

6 May 2015

Biodegradable printed matter will be profitable

5 May 2015

KLS achieves the most stringent environmental certification in the world

5 May 2015

Printing house sets new standards for "green"

5 May 2015

Printed matter without environmentally harmful chemicals set to increase economic growth

4 May 2015

Hvidovre printing house achieves the most stringent environmental certification in the world

4 May 2015

Biodegradable printed matter will be profitable

26 April 2015

Green transportation in KLS Graphics

20 April 2015

Carlsberg is working with the Nordic region's most environmentally friendly print house

5 April 2015

Turn used printed matter into clean soil

27 November 2014

Lean is a good match with a focus on climate and the environment

27 October 2014

Sustainable production of TRO Magazine

1 September 2014

CSR and sustainability are the very cornerstones of KLS

10 June 2014

Biodegradable print matter production and recycling system

14 September 2013

KLS Graphics House A/S is a CLIMATE+ Enterprise

6 May 2013

It's costly to be green

29 October 2012

KLS Graphics receives the Municipality of Hvidovre environmental award

12 October 2012

Responsibility with a smile

1 September 2012

More information provides security

1 July 2012

The entire Executive Board has gone electric

29 June 2012

Employees' ideas saves energy worth several thousand euros

24 May 2012

Black roof transformed into white climate gain

13 March 2012

Environment, climate, and lean manufacturing

1 December 2011

Carbon neutral print house upgrades green ambitions

8 November 2011

Climate change generates new customers

5 May 2011

Green Printing

2 April 2011

Green operations make great sense

1 February 2011

KLS Grafisk Hus - Denmark's greenest graphics shop

19 October 2015

Pernille and Maria visit Denmark's greenest graphics shop

11 June 2015

Member of the European Parliament Jeppe Kofod visits KLS

8 June 2015

KLS PurePrint -
Cradle to Cradle

16 April 2015

Promotional videos for Denmark's greenest printing house

3 September 2015

KLS Graphics uses a Modec electric truck to distribute its products

10 August 2014

Come along on a tour of KLS and have a look at what goes on in its various departments.

12 May 2014