Achieve lower CO2 emissions, save money, and become the life of the party – secure the many benefits of choosing electric company cars. Kasper Larsen, Manager of Commercial Accounts at KLS PurePrint, shares his experience.

1. You emit no CO2

Electric cars emit no CO2 while driving. They emit no particulates or NOx. You thereby offer a helping hand to the climate while not polluting your immediate environment. By replacing six company cars and a truck with electrically powered versions, PurePrint KLS annually prevents about 28 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

2. It's good financial management

The purchase price of electric cars is a bit higher, but operating costs are significantly lower. The engine has fewer parts; that means less wear and tear and less costly service. For example, one of KLS PurePrint's Renault Fluence vehicles has been driven 100,000 km in 4 years. The total service expense was 515 euros. The electric car replaced a Peugeot 406 that was driven 200,000 km for six and a half years. The service expense was 20,435 euros. When in addition electricity is cheaper than gasoline and diesel fuel, the total operating cost is 0.07 euro/km for the electric car. By way of comparison, the cost of operating the Peugeot 406 was 0.23 euro/km.

3. These cars help you manage your image

You support your statements about environmental protection and sustainability by taking concrete action. It gives you credibility, and your image gets a boost. Many emotions are associated with the choice of cars. By choosing electric cars, you send a clear signal that you are serious about a move toward a green world.

4. Excellent comfort

Your driving experience in an electric car is very comfortable because there is no engine noise or gears. The comfortable drive lets you arrive relaxed and ready for your meetings. There's no need to worry about whether the absence of engine sounds makes you a threat to vulnerable road users. That's an urban myth.

5. Your driving style improves

You are aware that in an electric car, every push on the pedal reduces your driving range. An electric car gives you good reason to be an excellent driver, yield, and drive at a relaxed pace.

6. The employees are happy

Seeing to charging the battery and calculating the driving range takes a bit of getting used to, and for the first couple of weeks you are constantly worried about that range. But you quickly get the hang of it, and the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. The employees at KLS PurePrint who drive an electric car are pleased with it.

7. You will be the life of the party

It may well be that you're sitting at the table next to the person driving the big Audi. But his car is not the subject of conversation during that Saturday dinner. The electric car gets noticed and makes you the life of the party - for peanuts. No longer is the electric car a status symbol for a select group of true believers – on the contrary, the sustainable lifestyle has gained wide popular appeal. Driving an electric car sends a positive message.