KLS PurePrint provides printing and finishing of all graphic products. For many years, we have guaranteed our customers high quality graphic products at attractive prices. That guarantee is based on a comprehensive system and in-house finishing and binding operations including roller based production.

Whenever you need brochures, books, flyers, booklets, manuals, package inserts, calendars, catalogues, magazines, folders, posters, or other products, we are ready.


100% sustainable printed matter
PurePrint gives you products that are Cradle to Cradle certified and environmentally neutral. They contain no harmful chemicals or heavy metals, and when they degrade, they become part of nature's own cycle. If you like, you may eat them - although for culinary reasons we do not recommend the practice. All offset products are available in a PurePrint version, including leaflets, brochures, notebooks, magazines and annual reports. We are constantly working to expand our product line.


Paper for planting
Give your marketing and your message a really long life with our seed paper. Your collateral, invitations, or business cards get to create new life. Literally. Plant seeds are incorporated into the biodegradable paper. That means your printed messages can turn into flowers, trees, herbs or vegetables when they are no longer needed.


Digital printing
Digital printing solutions from KLS PurePrint provide high quality even though the print run are small and the prices low. The area is constantly evolving, and KLS PurePrint is at the forefront. That's your guarantee for modern and updated solutions for your small runs.

Production is done in our own graphics shop at KLS PurePrint and in a number of selected partner shops specialising in specific aspects of digital printing. The combination of our experience and a professional network lets you get all your jobs done by KLS PurePrint regardless of the size of the item and the run.


Sustainable packaging
Use completely biodegradable packaging with KLS PurePrint. We produce high quality sustainable packaging completely free of harmful substances, chemicals and heavy metals. You get environmentally friendly packaging that is part of nature's own cycle - as the only provider in the world.


Signs and decorations for any occasion
KLS PurePrint also provides shop signs, decorations and pylons. Do you need standard size posters for advertising columns? Perhaps you're working on a special decoration task - for example involving a car or a building facade? Whatever you need to decorate, KLS PurePrint can assist you.


Sustainable exhibition materials
When participating at a trade show, you need to easily and elegantly getting your message across, for example by using a roll-up. But often, they are used only once. Even though the banner is replaceable, it is often replaced and the old one thrown out. At KLS PurePrint, we believe in a circular way of thinking, and therefore we would like to help you change that pattern. Rent your roll-up from us. When you are finished with it, you send it back to KLS PurePrint in its carrying case, and when you need a new roll-up with new content, we simply ship it to you.


Minimize waste by giving your roll-ups and banners new life. KLS PurePrint offers to recycle them by transforming them into high quality products. For example, when advertising banners are no longer going to be used, we collect them and turn them into unique products with a story to tell. We recreate the value of the old product in a new product doing new things. All products are unique and made from recycled materials.


Paper made from rocks
Rock Paper is made from crushed limestone. It is strong and waterproof, but soft and smooth to the touch.
It has never been near a tree, and not even a drop of water is needed to produce it. Rock paper is a sustainable alternative to ordinary wood fibre paper.

The product is Cradle to Cradle certified and is thus ideal for applications where sustainability is a high priority. The paper's technical properties, including the fact that it is not affected by water, make it highly suitable for city maps, hiking maps, and other products used outdoors.