Re-use the material from roll-ups and banners

Minimize waste by giving your roll-ups and banners new life. KLS PurePrint offers to recycle them by transforming them into high quality products. For example, when advertising banners are no longer going to be used, we collect them and turn them into unique products with a story to tell. We recreate the value of the old product in a new product doing new things. All products are unique and made from recycled materials.

Rent a roll-up

Often, roll-ups are used only once. Even though the banner is replaceable, it is often easier to simply order a brand new roll-up and let the old one gather dust in the warehouse.
At KLS PurePrint, we believe in a circular economy and in a zero-waste world, and therefore we would like to help you change that pattern. Rent your roll-up from us. When you are finished with it, you send it back to KLS PurePrint in its carrying case and when you need a new roll-up with new content, we ship it to you.