Scandinavia's first CO2-neutral printing house

KLS PurePrint has worked resolutely to be CO2neutral since 2006. Every single aspect of the company's production methods and energy consumption has been analysed and mapped. Wherever improvements and optimisation were feasible, they were implemented. As early as 2009, KLS PurePrint succeeded in being the first printing house in Scandinavia to go CO2neutral.

An ongoing process

The company has continued to work on reducing emissions ever since. In 2010, KLS PurePrint invested in Denmark's first electric truck and today all electricity comes from our own windmill. All company cars purchased since 2012 are electric cars. In six-years KLS PurePrint has cut expenses for heating in half and reduced electricity consumption by 38% per unit produced. As an additional environmental investment, the company has installed a climate friendly white roof that reflects solar heat and therefore reduces global warming.

Requirement for emissions trading (cap and trade)

It is not possible to achieve production and transportation completely without CO2 emissions. That's where emissions trading comes in. Each year, KLS PurePrint calculates the residual CO2 emissions and then compensates for them by purchasing CER (Certified Emission Reduction) permits approved by the United Nations for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects. CDM projects guarantee lower CO2 emissions in developing countries. Specifically, our permits are applied to projects in India where windmills replace coal fired power stations and to a project for collecting methane gas from a landfill in Argentina.

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